Hi friends, as we are in our final year we have a very few days ahead of us before all this enjoyment of our college life comes to an end. So i have created this Blog where i think i will regularly blog(May BE). You guys also create a blog or something so that no one in our gang is lost once we complete our final year!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Profile 1: Kannan

About Me:


Nick Name:
Azgha, Leo, LPG

September 26, 1989

Zodiac Sign:

Chatting, Blogging and Surfing.

If we can’t, then who else will...

To keep updating my self and to match up with the industry patterns. Then to have a cute family consisting of loving wife, brave son, courageous daughter

I will make friends easily.

And i make enemies even more rapidly.

I am scared of:
Alone in the dark woods.

Sleeping, messaging and thinking stuffs randomly.

I Confess:
That I had stole money from my mom’s wardrobe

My wildest fantasy:
To be irresistible by everyone

My favorites:

Blue n Black

I am not used with reading books, but I love to read about computers.

I don’t know any authors exactly, I love those who illustrate using real world examples and cartoon characters.

I like to play, but what to do “all the games hate me” I think. So whenever I try to play any sport I end up being commented by others.

Nothing in particular, but I love songs from the 80s. Easy Listening and Soft Rock.

Subject in School:
Science was my favorite and I was always fighting with maths.

Jasmine and rose.

Romantic, comedies, thrillers, cartoons

Indian and Chinese.

Apple, orange and mango.

Caramel, Axe chocolate.

Lose fitting casuals, Jeans and T-shirts.

Cartoon Character:
Scooby doo, Tom and Jerry.

The Mountain Dew, Chicken soup.

Talking with dear ones over phone.

Dogs, Fishes and Birds. (But I don’t have any)

Personal Thoughts:

Define Love:
Love is a weapon of mass destruction

Turn Ons:
Physically – Eyes and smile
Emotionally – Friendly, motivational and caring

Turn Offs:
Physically – Hairs are too curly
Emotionally – Liars and Betrayers.

The first thing that attracts me towards someone:
May be the way I talk and make others feel

Long Engagements:
Engagements not yet... But quickly will!!

Most Memorable Moment:
My moms care when I was hospitalized

Hugs or Kisses?

Do you go on Blind Dates?
Definitely Not.

Love at First Sight?
Nope... I "fall" in love so that means it I need to get to know the person before I can love...

Things people doesn't know about me ... yet
1. I was very very very active and mischief kid in my childhood.
*I used to run around and jump off everything and break all those stuff I can reach when I was so little.

2. I almost trapped a girl .
*I was just two or three then, I was playing with my neighbors daughter and she was jus a year and half old I think suddenly when I was running here and there I slammed the kitchen door and she was behind it and thus she was trapped in that room I cant reach the lock of the door and there were no adults around there that little girl was crying a lot and she nearly fainted and then my mom came for the rescue and the baby was saved.


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